Software application for a rent-a-car agency


We developed a software application that maximises staff effectiveness in a rent-a-car agency on all levels – from the counter clerks to the management.

The structure of the application allows business operation in several geographical locations, which would share a unified database and maintain data synchronisation through an internet server. At the same time, the operation in one location does not require a constant internet connection.

The application includes:

  • Application User system,
  • Database of vehicles, individual and legal entities, clients, agencies, banks, offices, employees,
  • Relational pricing system with variable elements and a four-tier pricelist in multiple currencies,
  • Generation of the best rates according to the parameters selected,
  • Generation of active accounts and contracts in their initial and final states,
  • Inventory bookings and generation of the associated quotations,
  • Keeping records of payments, receipts and deposits in various forms,
  • Generation of diverse reports on business operations, according to the parameters selected, and
  • Other requested functionalities.

Even though the application is advanced in structure, it is still open to further development as required by the clients and it is currently used by a renowned rent-a-car agency in Belgrade, Europcar.



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