Database application for a medical clinic


We developed a database and associated software application for the needs of a medical clinic. The application represents a complete software solution that enables the clinic’s doctors and nurses to complete their duties effectively. The software was developed and built in cooperation with a renowned Serbian private medical clinic – Special Gynaecology Hospital “Jevremova”, which regularly uses the software application and operates in accordance with the International Standard ISO 9001:2008 (


In consultation with the clinic staff, a relational database with the corresponding application was developed, which includes:

  • Application User system,
  • Grouping users according to their medical specialisation,
  • Patient database (with their personal, medical and specialist data),
  • Generating reports (in textual and graph / picture forms),
  • Developing and maintaining patient histories,
  • Booking appointments, and
  • Other requested functionalities.

The main characteristic of the software application is rapid generation of specialist reports that requires minimal computer-work from the clinic staff. This was achieved through implementation of a dynamic templates system that creates a large part of the report in advance, thus enabling quick generation and completion.


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